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Please note: The following items have been sold. Although each is a
one-of-a-kind piece, custom orders can be done if you
see something you like below. Please e mail me for
more information.




"La Sagrada Familia" collaboration with Onofre Lucero Price


Large 3 1/2 Filigree earrings with carnelian stones


Double-sided Pendant Sterling Triangle Chinese Turquoise Post Earrings Sterling Rectangle Compitos Turquoise Post Earrings with Filigree Flower

Black Agate and Sterling Sacred Heart Pendent

Necklace with Stamping and repoussé


Sterling Square Spiny Oyster Post Earrings with Filigree Fan Design Sterling Filigree Post Earrings with Compitos Turquoise 1” Dangle Sterling Filigree Diamond Design Earrings
Item # P-3 Sterling Silver Filigree Hapsburg Eagle Necklace "Royalty" Nevada Peacock Varacite Sterling Filigree Cuff Bracelet Sterling repoussé Flower Post Earrings with Chinese Turquoise  


Item# N-1: Adjustable Sterling Filigree Necklace with Oval Onyx Stone


Double sided retablo pendant
San Miguel

Double sided retablo pendant
NS de Guadalupe

Item# P-1: Sterling Filigree Cross Pendent with 8x6 Mahaleo Ruby


Item # N-4 N.S De Guadalupe Relicario


Item# GE-1: Gold over Silver Filigree Necklace with Oval Almandine Garnet



Sterling Silver Filagree
with Larimar Stone

Sagrado Corazon de Maria y Jesus" 2-side relicario with sterling silver

Side Two
  Item# N3 Sterling Filigree Repoussé Eagle Necklace  


Item # R-6

Nuestra Señora Refugio de Pecadores/Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners


Item # R-4

Santo Niño de Atocha/Holy Child of Athoca

Item # 0-2

Retablo Ornament
N S de Dolores

Item # 0-5

San Isidro

Retablo Ornament


Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe/OurLady of Guadalupe

San Antonio de Padua/St. Anthony of Padua

San José/ St. Joseph

San Juan Nepomuceno/St. John Nepomuk


Item# B-1

Nuestra Señora de Purisma Concepción/Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception


Item# B-2

El Niño Divino/Child Jesus Lost in the Temple

Item# B-3

San Rafael Arcangel/Saint Ralphael the Archangel


Item# B-5

Sorrowful Mother/Nuestra Señora de Dolores/Our Lady of Sorrows